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How do I pay for classes?
You can pay online or by calling /texting 0877933505


What should my child wear for class?

Shoes are not permitted on our mats, there is a changing room available, but due to current covid 19 these are not open. Students should come dressed for class. First time students should wear leggings and a comfy tee. No hoodies. Leotard is ideal, after a month of classes kids will need to wear a leotard that can be purchased from the club.



What are your term dates?

The club has 3 -12 week terms a year. 120 euro per term. plus Insurance of 20 euro a year. 

If my child is sick do I still need to pay fees or will I be entitled to a refund ?

No. When signing up to the school, you are committing to the Term. If you were paying by the term you will not get a refund of classes that your child has missed. We do not run pay as you go classes.

Is there an uniform?

Yes all club members will need to get a training leotard which can be purchased from the school, depending on size these are 25 to 30 euro. Here is a link to our online shop 

Can we still join your classes after the term has started?

Yes students are welcome to join our club at any time. 

Can parents watch?

Unless a child is upset coming in we ask that parents wait in reception area during classes as not to cause distractions during class. 


 How many classes are in the year?
12 per term. However a class is missed , weather due to bank holidays, illness of teacher etc..  missed classes are always made up. Missed time  can be made up by rehearsal time, an extra class at the end of term or a longer class. Parents are never charged for time they do not receive.

 Do you take midterm, Christmas and Easter holidays?
We do not take midterm holidays but we do take Christmas and Easter holidays.

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